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When you are looking for a roof that is both stylish and rugged metal roofing is a perfect choice

Why choose a metal roof?

Metal roofing has become a common roofing choice for home owners in Texas. Metal roofing is available in many different colors and styles and can sustain winds up to F2 tornado speeds. This roofing will not only last but is built to live up to the ever changing weather that we find in Texas.  


Metal Roofing Offers Heat and Rust Protection

Metal reflects 70% of the sun's energy. This minimizes heat retention and as a result less heat is transferred into the building's structure. Metal roofing offers a similar effect on R-11 insulation on top of the roof during sunny day conditions.  Today's metal roofing systems are built to last. It's metallic coating prevents rust from forming and is bonded to the steel at the factory. Paint is then applied over the metallic coating to provide the long-lasting color homeowners desire.

Metal Roofing Is Fire Resistant

Since metal is noncombustible, a metal roof has a Class A fire rating, meaning it is considered the most fire resistant type of roof available.  Roofs By Robert will not install your metal roofing over an existing wood roof due to a decrease it's fire rating since the old materials below your new metal roof will be combustible. For this reason, it is generally worth the additional cost of having the old roof torn out before installing metal roofing.

Our Company's metal roofing does not require a steep pitch since a metal roof is quite effective in shedding water and snow, it can be installed on a less steeply pitched roof without danger of leaking.  On a new home designed with metal roofing in mind, the pitch will generally be three in twelve, meaning the roof rises three inches per horizontal foot.  With all these advantages and benefits, its easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing metal roofing systems these days.


Metal Roofs Are Made To Last

Metal roofs on average last 2 to 3 times longer than a traditional roof.  The life expectancy on a metal roof is between 30 to 50+ years.  To put in in context an asphalt roof has a life expectancy of 12-20 years.  Mix in the elements and asphalt roofing becomes to deteriorate when it is exposed to normal weather.  A metal roof on the other hand will not decompose.  Metal roofs can also sustain wind gusts and tornado winds up to an F2 category which makes them a perfect match for homes in Texas.

More Information On Standing Seam Metal Roofs

There are a variety of standing seam products in the market and we make it a point to make sure that each of our customers are informed so that they make a solid decision when it comes to their metal roofing.  


The Gauge is the imaterials thickness.  It runs off a basic scale where the thinner the gauge is rated by the higher number and the thicker a lower number.  We prefer to use a gauge that will help to withstand and in some cases deflect hail.  Going with a thicker gauge is usually only pennies on the dollar more but the benefit you receive from it more than makes up for the cost. 

Metal Roof Paint

Distinctive metal roofing products are coated with  500@ PZVDF resin based finish.  The only time you will not see this is on agricultural panel which carries a different screw-through.  This coating will not fade and is usually backed by a 30+ years of chalk and fade protection.  Kynar has shown to be more resilient then silicone polyester and acrylic paints.  The resin-based finish is simply more durable and will outlast the competition.

Metal Roof Striations

You may hear the term "oil canning" when a metal roof is discussed. This is a term that describes a waviness on your metal roof. This occurs when standing seam panels experience thermal expansion and contraction. In order to avoid this unwanted look, we use striated panels which subdue oil canning and give your roof a better looking panel.

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